Running Back Felix Jones Likely to Start Week 3

The Pittsburgh Steelers have still not woken up from the nightmare that is the beginning of their season, but Coach Mike Tomlin has nothing but praise for his newest running back, Felix Jones.

In Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, it was Jones getting the majority of the limited carries. With a mere 16 rushes in total for Pittsburgh, Jones had 10 of them for 37 yards. This is remarkable step up from their season opener, when the Steelers rushed for a combined 31 yards on 14 carries.

Jones is a solid 2nd running back for fantasy purposes, but could be the starter for the Steelers during Week 3 against the Bears. Even though it’s a home game, the Steelers have very little hope of moving the ball on the ground against the Bears.

The Steelers have seemingly put their entire season on hold until injured rookie Le’Veon Bell can return to the lineup. Bell is starting to “ramp up” his work load after a Lisfranc sprain in his foot has kept him sidelined since August 19th.

Although the Steelers issues run deeper than their backfield, it should be their priority in rebuilding. An offense in peril should resort to the basics of the game, which is simple passes for their quarterback and establishing a ground attack. For a team as historically rush-oriented as the Steelers, it’s a real fine place to start.


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