Jump on the Philip Rivers Bandwagon

Philip Rivers beating the odds in San Diego

Philip Rivers beating the odds in San Diego

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has come out of the gates charging this season with back to back stellar performances. Despite having a completely depleted receiving corps, Rivers has embraced the challenge.

After a disappointing stretch where he seemed to have lost his touch, Rivers has moved past it and is currently on fire. He’s led the Chargers by example with a 7 touchdowns to only one interception and 614 passing yards in 2 games.

Rivers was not expected to have an easy time dealing with a receiving corps that lacked a true number one option, but that may be what is working to his advantage. Rivers, as well as his opponents, do not have to worry about a concentrated threat in the receiving game, which leaves defenders clueless as to who should be put in double coverage.

Since Rivers had not pegged one receiver to be his favorite target coming into this season, he spends more time surveying the field and his overall field vision improves as a result.

As far as fantasy football goes, ride the Rivers bandwagon and expect the abundant production to continue.



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