Josh Freeman Self-Destructing Again in Tampa

Clueless in Tampa - Josh Freeman just doesn't get it

Clueless in Tampa – Josh Freeman just doesn’t get it

After a sloppy week 1 loss to the New York Jets, Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman is already in jeopardy of losing his job. To be fair, it’s only been one week, but his on-field troubles are now coupled with off-field issues, which certainly won’t help Freeman lock down a franchise quarterback contract from the Bucs next season.

What happens when your quarterback misses the team photo? You guessed it; one unhappy head coach. Freeman “overslept” this week when the rest of his team convened to take their full team photo, and head coach Greg Schiano seemingly did not take kindly to it.

After the players voted for team captains this week, Freeman was not included after captaining the team for the past 3 seasons. Many think Schiano manipulated the voting himself as an act of revenge for missing the teams photo. Schiano naturally denied the claim, but with his past of having a fiery personality and strict program, it would not surprise many.

Supporters of Freeman say he isn’t surrounded with enough talent and is given a very plain game-plan. Others say Freeman doesn’t have what it takes to be a franchise quarterback. Whatever the problem is, the Buccaneers are an extremely talented team and should perform much better than they did during week 1.

Who knows, maybe Freeman truly wasn’t elected a captain because his teammates don’t look to him as a leader. What we do know is that Freeman needs to perform like he did towards the end of last season and buy an alarm clock if he wants to keep his job.


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