Don’t Bank on Redskins Wide Receiver Leonard Hankerson

Despite an erratic start for the Redskins 2013 season Monday night, one bright spot was the performance of Leonard Hankerson. With 5 catches for 80 yards and 2 touchdowns, Hankerson certainly grabbed the attention of spectators in the Redskins home-opener loss to the Eagles. But should Hankerson be considered an up-and-coming receiver who could prove valuable to your fantasy team? Pump the brakes, let’s review the circumstances.

First, the Redskins dug themselves into a hole quickly. This derailed their typical offensive strategy of long, methodical drives and forced a pass-first offense to make up the score deficit. Hankerson was targeted more from quarterback Robert Griffin III than usual.

The fact that RGIII was playing his first game since his torn ACL, meant more pocket-passing due to his limited mobility. This gave Hankerson many more opportunities to impress.

Another contributing factor to Hankerson’s bold performance was the Eagles weak secondary. Aside from Cary Williams, Hankerson had a field-day running routes around DB’s like Patrick Chung, Jordan Poyer, and Nate Allen.

One game is not enough of a sample to determine Hankerson’s fantasy value. Perhaps RGIII will become a more pocketed passer and will target Hankerson more, but it’s doubtful. He is an option-read quarterback, which doesn’t leave much room for a receiver who sits behind players like Pierre Garcon and Santana Moss. Unless Hankerson has another breakout game, leave him on the waiver-wire.


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