Can Eric Decker Bounce Back from Disastrous Start in Denver?

Eric Decker had perhaps his worst day as a professional during Week 1 after dropping a sure touchdown catch, fumbling out of bounds and dropping another ball that plugged him right between the numbers. Decker managed just two catches from the 7 targets Peyton Manning sent his way.

Decker needs to right the ship in a big hurry if he wants to be part of this high-powered Broncos offense, because Manning has no shortage of options on the field. So the question eating at fantasy owners is whether or not Decker’s performance was a bad day at the office or a sign of things to come.

Decker’s spot on your roster depends on the depth your team has at wide receiver. Deck is an impressive receiver and no team can afford to dump him based on one bad game.

The Broncos offense has arguably the best receiving core in the league with pro-bowlers Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Week 1 stand out tight end, Julius Thomas. Decker might be Manning’s 3rd or even 4th read (depending on the defensive coverage on Julius Thomas).

If Decker does not perform well during Week 2 against the Giants, then you might want to consider putting him on the trading block.


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