Colin Kaepernick Looking for Payback in Seattle

Colin Kaepernick looked dominant in win against the Packers

Colin Kaepernick looked dominant in win against the Packers

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is getting ready for his first big test of the 2013 NFL season. Kaepernick will be facing a Seattle defense that allowed less than 320 yards of total offense per game last year. That was good enough for 4th best in the NFL in that defensive category.

During week 1 this season, Seattle shut down 3rd Year pro Cam Newton to under 120 passing yards. Cam Newton has a similar skill set to Kaepernick, but the Niner’s run game is much more of threat than what Carolina has to offer. This means that Seattle has to worry about much more than just stopping the quarterback.

During the Hawks/Niners matchup last season, Seattle held Kaepernick to under 250 yards passing with just one touchdown. Kaepernick had trouble with trouble with Seattle’s 12th man (crowd noise), who made it hard to hear anything on offense. This is a condition he will once again become familiar with this Sunday night.

Kaepernick is a rising star in the NFL and seems to get better as each week passes. He’s more mentally prepared this time around and has shown growth and maturity since their last matchup.

Kaepernick’s skill set is incredibly hard to prepare for and his knowledge of the game makes him a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. The 25-year-old is determined to march into Seattle and silence the dominating crowd noise and his critics, while bringing a win back to San Francisco.


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