Giants Desperate for Depth at Running Back

Brandon Jacobs hoping for a return to Big Blue

Brandon Jacobs hoping for a return to Big Blue

The New York Giants are attempting to bring in another tailback in from free agency. Today they plan on working out Willis McGahee, former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, as well as Joe McKnight. After a poor performance from lead running back David Wilson in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys, the Giants are desperate to revive what was expected to be a promising backfield this season.

New York sees an opportunity to fortify a shallow backfield with some help from an experienced veteran. Goal line help is mandatory at this point, as well as someone who can push David Wilson to work harder in order to secure his starting spot.

31-year-old Brandon Jacobs is excited at the chance to return to the team he helped lead to 2 Super Bowls, stating his desire to be “back with Big Blue” on Twitter. Jacobs did not have a productive season with the 49ers a year ago, but has confidence in his chances to come back to New York and make an impact.

The 32-year-old Willis McGahee will also get another shot at glory working out for the Giants on Tuesday. McGahee had a solid year for the Broncos going last season before missing the last 6 games due to a knee injury.

The Giants will be better off with McGahee or Jacobs to help out in goal line situations, but for now, there is no clear frontrunner for the job. Stay posted to see if one of the two candidates gets signed and consider taking a risk on one of them in touchdown heavy leagues.


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