Chad Henne In, Blaine Gabbert Out for Week 2

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley named Chad Henne as the Week 2 starter for this week’s road game against Oakland. Blaine Gabbert has been ruled out for Week 2, not due to his sub-par play this past Sunday, but due to an injury he suffered in the final minutes of the Jaguars embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gabbert sustained a “severe” laceration on his right hand that reportedly ripped some skin off of the quarterback’s hand and required 15 stitches to close.

This injury comes as a potential blessing in disguise for the Jaguars. During the offseason, Gabbert was in a close quarterback competition with veteran Chad Henne. Henne will get the Week 2 start and if he outshines Gabbert, there’s a good chance Henne could steal the starting position.

Outperforming Gabbert should not be a difficult task, as the former 1st round pick completed only 16 of his 35 passes for a mere 121 yards, to go along with two interceptions.

Gabbert’s injury was just one of the many Jaguars flaws in their embarrassing 28-2 loss this past Sunday. The Chief’s defense completely shut down Gabbert and the Jaguars defense. The Jags failed to score any points at all and generated a pathetic 180 total yards of total offense.


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