2 Wide Receivers to Bench During Week 1

Can E.J. Manuel find Johnson downfield against the Patriots?

Can E.J. Manuel find Johnson downfield against the Patriots?

The wide receiver position is stacked this year for fantasy football leagues, so there are plenty of receivers to go around. Here are three starting fantasy receivers that might actually be better off on the bench this week.

1. Steve Johnson, BUF:

Steve Johnson usually has very big games against New England, but tomorrow’s matchup could be different with rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel at the helm. Manuel is stepping into the starting role with a difficult first matchup against the New England Patriots.

Johnson has shown big play ability in the past with the less-than-impressive former starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, but Manuel will most likely have to adjust to the NFL style of play.

Johnson’s productivity will take a huge hit until Manuel can adjust to the pace that comes with playing in the National Football league.

2. Vincent Brown, SD:

The Chargers are facing plenty of questions this season and the main one is whether or not Philip Rivers can get his act together for the regular season. He’s had a very rough preseason and that spell trouble for the Chargers number one receiver, Vincent Brown.

Brown is packed with talent, but this Monday night matchup against Houston doesn’t look promising for him. If Rivers can get out of his own way, Brown could have a nice game, but the odds are stacked against him playing against a stingy Texans defense that likes to get after the quarterback.

Houston finished tied for fifth in the league last season with 44 sacks and Rivers turns the ball over too much.


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