Racial Slur Continues to Haunt Riley Cooper

Cooper has a tough road in front on him this season

Cooper has a tough road in front of him this season

Eagles wideout, Riley Cooper, has been marred in controversy since July when a video surfaced of him using a racial slur on video. Cooper has been trying to put this behind him, but that’s easier said than done. His words came back to haunt him again at practice this week when he got into a scuffle with Cary Williams.

Williams, a veteran cornerback for the Eagles, was one player who admitted he would have a hard time forgiving Cooper when the video surfaced back in July. At the time Williams said, “It’s tough to get through, and I don’t know him. But I did see the tape and it’s disheartening for a guy to say something like that.”

The scuffle started as the two players went after the same ball in one-on-one drills, with Williams matched up on Cooper. The players got tangled up after the play, and Williams began shouting at Cooper.

Cooper said this should be a non-issue, calling it “nothing”, and just a tie-up between two players going at it at practice, but one has to wonder if Cooper’s past had something to do with this. Williams declined to comment after the incident.

While many will wonder if Cooper’s comments led to the altercation, LeSean McCoy had this to say about the issue: “Any time there’s something extra on the field with Riley and another teammate or an opponent, that’s the first thing that’s going to come up — especially if the guy’s black.”

With the season still days away for the Eagles, Cooper has already had to deal with the on-field implications of his actions at that June concert – and from a teammate, no less. If this is any indication of the season ahead, Cooper is in for a long and controversial year.


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