Finding Salvation After a Bad Fantasy Draft

Turning around a bad fantasy draft

Turning around a bad fantasy draft

Many things can go wrong during draft day that can make you want to forfeit your fantasy season. Whether you forgot about your draft and ended up with a bad ‘auto draft’ team or you did not realize Michael Crabtree was out for the season and used a high round pick on him, do not panic, there are ways to right the ship.

The first way for you to begin bandaging your team is to look at the waiver wire. It’s rare that you will find any starting running back here, but it is a great place to pick up some sleeper tight ends and wide receivers.  Three names that will help your fantasy team this season that you can find in free agency are tight end Dallas Clark, wide receiver Vincent Brown, tight end Heath Miller and wide receiver Marlon Brown.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for any injuries to starting players. If a starting running back gets injured, or tends to be very injury prone, be sure to pick up his backup on the waiver wire.

Running back is a much tougher position to fix if you failed to draft two or three solid fantasy running backs. For this reason, trading for a RB2, a sleeper running back or one of the top three rookie running backs is your best choice. Since rookies haven’t performed yet in the NFL, fantasy owners tend to be more willing to trade them away then they would a Doug Martin or Arian Foster.

No matter how bad your fantasy draft went, NEVER give up on your team. By spurring some trades and maintaining a diligent search for free agents, you can turn your team around and have a shot at winning your league.


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