Putting Your Trust in Receiver Pierre Garcon

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon claims that the toe on his right foot that plagued him much of last season is fully healed and ready to go.

Garçon tore ligaments in the toe and played only 3 of the first nine games for the Redskins last season. Coming into his 6th season, Garçon believes his foot is completely healed and will wear different inserts to make sure nothing else happens to it.

The receiver proved to be Robert Griffin’s top target last season and when he got the start, the Redskins went 9-1. The skepticism is whether or not Garçon can A) stay healthy and B) become a true number 1 wide receiver.

The Redskins need Garçon to be 100 percent healthy as their wide receiver corps is nothing special after him. With a journeymen like Josh Morgan and an aging Santana Moss, teams will be keyed in on Garcon all season long

Fantasy owners should be weary about Garçon’s health, but also keep in mind that he has the ability to play through injury. Fantasy owners also have to respect the talent that Garçon carries and the chemistry between him and RG3. Garçon is getting looked over in most 12 man drafts and is being taken in the late 4th round.

With an ADP of 58.2,  Garçon is being drafted around players like Eric Decker, Jason Witten, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Eddie Lacy. All of these players minus Bradshaw and Lacy have little to no risk. Garcon is a feast or famine option this season, he’s great when he plays, but can’t give you anything if he’s watching from the sidelines.


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