Alex Smith Prepares for the Andy Reid Show

Alex Smith has a cake matchup against Jacksonville

Alex Smith has a cake matchup against Jacksonville

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was in good form during last week’s preseason game against the Steelers. Smith went 17 of 24 for 158 yards and a touchdown. He didn’t throw any interceptions and rushed 38 yards on one breakaway run.

Smith remains something of a mystery to fans in his new home, but his consistent performance should clear up all the questions up for Chiefs fans and fantasy owners alike. He doesn’t turn the ball over, completes a high percentage of passes, and is a vast improvement under center for his new team.

Last year, Smith completed more than 70% of his passes and threw only 5 interceptions. This is precisely what should be expected from the newly appointed quarterback in Kansas City. However, do not expect him to become the leader of a brand new aerial assault for the Chiefs.

Smith has never been known as the guy to put a team on his back and carry them. In San Francisco, he did a fine job keeping the team at a high level, but was also helped by a terrific defense.

Smith is a fine pick at backup quarterback for fantasy CEOs, but should not be the bread and butter for any team (real or imaginary). You can expect him to be exactly what he has proven to be: consistent and reliable. However, he’s not a game changer, and will need help to take the Chiefs, and his career, to the next level.


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