Pick the Right Time to Draft Your Quarterback

There are too many good quarterbacks to burn an early draft pick.

There are too many good quarterbacks to burn an early draft pick.

Having a top tier quarterback on your roster provides a comfort level unmatched by any other position in fantasy football. However, drafting one of the top quarterbacks this season will likely mean that you will have to sacrifice one of your top 3 picks to secure the best of the best.

But with the emergence of so many high-scoring fantasy quarterbacks last year, the position is now considered one of the deepest in fantasy football and is providing owners with solid options further down the draft board. This begs the question: Has the price of owning a top quarterback become too steep?

Due to the depth of quality options this year, the quarterback position has lost much of its value. The difference between the top quarterback and a mid-level option is no longer what it used to be. Because of this fact, it’s no longer wise to give up an arm and a leg in the first few rounds for a quarterback.

Another big reason to wait on drafting your quarterback this year is the lack of depth at the running back position. Because you will need to wind up using a top 3 pick if you want Brees, Rodgers, or Manning, you are missing out on filling your second running back position, assuming you drafted a running back in round 1. This position is very thin this year and should not be left for later rounds.

In one scenario, you may get Drew Brees in Round 2 or 3, but might be stuck with the likes of Lamar Miller as your running back– a very risky player to be starting. However, waiting on a quarterback with huge potential such as Matthew Stafford (ADP – 43) or Tony Romo (ADP – 63) will allow you to grab valuable #2 running backs like Maurice Jones-Drew or Chris Johnson.

Overall, there are many options when drafting the quarterback position this season, but the general rule of thumb is to wait on a quarterback. The earliest you should take a Brees or Brady should be round 4 – and if they are gone, so be it.

Let your competition gobble up the quarterbacks while they worry about filling out the rest of their team’s roster. In the mean time, stack your roster with top rate receivers and running backs and worry about the quarterback position a little later in the draft.



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