Redskins Balk on Naming RGIII Week 1 Starter

Operation Patience on hold for a few more days

Operation Patience on hold for a few more days

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has cleared quarterback Robert Griffin III to play week 1, but he has declined to name a definite starter. Dr. James Andrews has claimed that Griffin is healthy enough to play, but Shanahan stated that “There’s a couple concerns that he has. I’ll talk to Robert over the weekend and I’ll let you guys know on Monday.”

After tearing his ACL in a wild-card loss to the Seattle Seahawks in January, Griffin underwent surgery to repair two torn ligaments in his knee. He’s been rehabbing ever since and has been progressing at a faster rate than expected.

Griffin III has been patiently waiting to get back into the action, but Shanahan has refused to let him play in preseason games and has limited his training camp activity.

Dr. Andrews has stated that he doesn’t have any real concerns and Griffin seems pretty optimistic that he will indeed be the starter. RGIII tweeted a picture of himself saluting in his Redskins uniform, entitled “Cleared for takeoff.” It seems as though this long sideshow of Shanahan and Griffin debating on limiting his play is over, at least for now.

It seems pretty foolish to start franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III unless he is 100% healthy. Otherwise, it’s just another chance that he aggravates the injury once again, jeopardizing his NFL career.

Seeing as how the Eagles do not pose much of a challenge at this point in time, Griffin should sit the week out unless there are no questions concerning his health. However, if he does start, Washington’s offensive line must protect RGIII at all costs.


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