3 Players to Steer Clear of on Draft Day

Expectations are too high for Mike Wallace in Miami

Expectations are too high for Mike Wallace in Miami

Anyone who has played fantasy football before has been burned by a draft day “bust.”

There are always players who seem to fall off the face of the earth and make owners cringe when look back on draft day.

Here are three players to avoid if you don’t want any major “busts” on your roster this year.

Greg Jennings, Minnesota (ADP – 95)

Newly acquired Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings has been slowly sliding down fantasy draft boards during the past few weeks. Jennings has been so busy bad mouthing Aaron Rodgers that he forgot to bring his “A-game” to Minnesota’s training camp.

Jennings is about the only viable fantasy receiver on the team, but we still have know idea how compatible he will be with the shaky Christian Ponder at quarterback.

While being drafted as a starter, Jennings should not be relied on as a starting fantasy wide receiver this year. Minnesota will run, run, and then run some more and Jennings just isn’t the player he once was two or three years ago.

Mike Wallace, Miami (ADP – 75)

Fantasy owners drafting Mike Wallace as a wide receiver #2 this season may be in for a rough year. A feast or famine player who relies solely on the deep ball, Wallace has been very inconsistent during the past two seasons.

In his past 24 games, Wallace has only two 100 yard games and that was with Big Ben throwing him the ball. While Dolphins’ second year quarterback Ryan Tannenhill should improve, there are likely to be growing pains between the young QB and his new star receiver.

Buyer beware when reaching for this former fantasy stud.

Darren McFadden, Oakland (ADP – 39)

Seemingly everyone knows about the injury problems surrounding Raiders running back, Darren McFadden. But each year, McFadden is highly sought after in hopes that this will be the year he breaks out.

More than likely, this just isn’t going to happen. Heading into his sixth year as a pro, McFadden still hasn’t come close to playing a full 16 game schedule. And even when he did play last year, McFadden looked sluggish and a shell of his former Razorback self.

McFadden can no longer should be counted on as a top-20 fantasy running back and anyone who drafts him as such is sure to have a season long headache. Go for cheaper options with more upside at the position with players like Eddie Lacy, Lamar Miller and David Wilson.


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