Lions Offense Taylor Made for Reggie Bush

Bush may not fit the typical definition of a sleeper. He is already the 17th running back off of the board in most drafts. However, if one looks a little more closely, it’s obvious that he has major upside potential and he could be a top 10 performer.

Bush was a serviceable running back during his two years in Miami, but he is now entering an ideal situation in Detroit. The Lions throw the ball more than any team in the league and they love to target the team’s running backs.

Because opponents will be focusing their defenses on the pass, Bush should not need a lot of carries to make big plays in the running game. Stafford targeted running backs 119 times last year.  This plays to Bush’s biggest strength, which is receiving and turning short passes into large gains.

Finally, the fact that the Lions pass so much may even work in Bush’s favor, as he will have lots of open space to make plays when they get the ball to him. If Bush can stay healthy, there’s a chance that he could put up more than 1,50o total yards this season.


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