Reckless Rex Ryan Under Fire in New York

Jets won the game, but Ryan might have lost his job

Jets won the game, but Ryan might have lost his job

The New York Jets organization has been in complete disarray for at least the last year now.

The team has a laundry list of serious issues. Darrelle Revis is now in Tampa, the team has no premium receivers, no official starting running back, no quarterback and a nation-wide coaching controversy.

In the heat of the Jets  preseason quarterback battle between rookie Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez, head coach Rex Ryan put Sanchez in to play in the 4th quarter of the last pre season game. He put Sanchez in knowing full well that the team was playing their 3rd string offensive line.

With no protection, Sanchez got hit rolling out of the pocket and suffered a shoulder injury that caused him to exit immediately. The decision to put Sanchez in during the 4th quarter of a preseason game was a stunning example of coaching idiocy. Using your 3rd string offensive line to protect your projected starter in a meaningless game is simple stupidity.

There’s even a poll on ESPN asking if Ryan will still be the head coach by the Jets by Week 10. As much criticism as Ryan is facing, Sanchez went on record exclaiming “I’m not here to second-guess the coaches, if they call you to play, you better be ready to play, and I was. So I went in and played and tried to win.”

Ryan has yet to announce his starting quarterback for either Thursday’s preseason game or the season opener at home against Tampa. Smith is most likely the starter, but you never really know what Rex Ryan will do next.


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