Bills, Jets Grapple With the Quarterback Blues

There are two really interesting quarterback situations going on just days before the start of the regular season. The more well known one is the debacle that has taken place in New York.

The Jets drafted Geno Smith to challenge Mark Sanchez for the starting job. The situation has only gone from bad to worse because Sanchez is injured and Smith doesn’t appear even close to ready to start for an NFL team.

The second quarterback controversy happens to be in the same division, up in Buffalo. The Bills drafted E.J. Manuel to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was let go at the end of the season. Manuel was selected number 16 in the 2013 draft, even though the Bills probably could have taken him in a later round.

Nevertheless, they went forward with their plan and Manuel looked good in his short time behind center during the preseason. However, after their game against the Minnesota Vikings, his knee began to swell. A minor procedure was performed and he is currently sitting on the bench.

After Manuel went out, Kevin Kolb was expected to step in for the Bills until he suffered what might be a career-ending concussion against the Redskins on Saturday night. The Bills wasted no time signing former first round pick Matt Leinart. He spent last season as a backup in Oakland and wasn’t able to keep the starting job.

Leinart was drafted 10th overall by Arizona in 2006 before getting picked up by Houston and later by the Raiders. He’s played in 33 games in his career and has more than 4,000 yards passing. Leinart was a quarterback with a lot of potential coming out of USC, but was never able to find an offense or a system that worked for him.

Leinart might be the only real option the Bills have until E.J. Manuel can back under center.


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