Gauging the Value of Miami’s Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace has the speed, but still has maturity issues

Mike Wallace has the speed, but still has maturity issues

There’s been plenty of question marks surrounding wide receiver Mike Wallace since he left Pittsburgh and signed on with the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins paid Wallace $60 million to give sophomore quarterback Ryan Tannehill a consistent deep threat. Although Wallace has only played in one preseason game, he’s already shown why the Miami front office put their faith and money into him. During the Dolphins preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Wallace had 3 receptions for 58 yards a touchdown.

This type of production is a breath of fresh air for Dolphins fans and fantasy owners alike. Nevertheless, there has already been problems cropping up  between Wallace and Tannehill, which could cause problems during the season.

From a fantasy stand point, owners can look away from on the field issues as long as Wallace continues to produce. With tight end Dustin Keller going out for the year, Wallace will likely see an up tick to his projected numbers.

This already places him inside the top 20 wide outs taken in this years draft, but many fantasy owners are hesitant to take Wallace too early.

Wallace has an average draft position of 53 which has him going early in the 4th round. With such a deep pool of wide receivers available in this year’s fantasy draft, owners should target Wallace later in 4th or early the the 5th round.


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