Patriots Stay Silent on Danny Amendola’s Mystery Injury

Still not word on what's hurting Amendola

Still no word on what’s hurting Amendola

We all know that Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola is expected to miss tonight’s preseason game against the Lions – But what we still don’t know is why.

Amendola has been missing practices with an undisclosed injury and fantasy owners are understandably concerned. The Boston Globe reports that the injury is not serious based on an unnamed source, but the whole thing seems a bit fishy.

Amendola has a history of injuries including elbow, ankle, houlder, and foot problems. In the last two seasons alone, Amendola has only played a total of 12 games.

The Patriots wide receiver played a great game against the Buccaneers last Friday catching 6 balls for 71 yards and a touchdown. During the game, Amendola got hit on the back of the head and called to the sideline. It is unclear whether Amendola was just tired or needed to be checked out. New England took caution with their star wideout after he had some minor setbacks before practice a few days ago.

Fantasy owners should not panic if they still want to draft Amendola. What should concern fantasy owners is how fragile Amendola truly is. With an ADP of 44.4, he’s being drafted in the middle to late 3rd round in most 12 man PPR leagues.

Even with his injury issues, expect Amendola to have a great year because not everyone has “The American Dream” Tom Brady throwing the ball to them.


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