Draft Zone: 7th Ranked Tight End – Panthers Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen has a composite ranking as the 7th best fantasy Tight End. With an ADP of 83, he will likely be taken in the 6th or 7th round of most 12-team drafts.

As the 7th ranked TE, Olsen finds himself just outside the level of the elite players at his position.  Given his ADP, Olsen is a bit of fantasy risk.  While he will rack up more yards than most tight ends, he doesn’t see too many targets in the end zone (only 5 last season). But despite this limited number of end zone targets, he managed to cash in on every one for a touchdown. Sadly for Olsen and the Panthers, quarterback Cam Newton can’t seem to locate Olsen in the end zone.

Unless Olsen gets more end zone targets, he’s unlikely to have more than 2 or 3 touchdowns this year. It’s likely that power back Mike Tolbert and Newton will get the majority of chances inside the 10-yard line, so Olsen is unlikely to see a substantial increase in his end zone targets.

Another negative for Olsen is the fact that he had only one 100+ yard receiving game last year. Other than three solid games last year, Olsen was nearly always had 45-55 yards receiving.

Unless Greg Olsen improves, something which he shows no sign of doing, he is a nothing other than an average fantasy starter. If his end zone targets don’t go up, he could be a major fantasy bust.


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