Giants Tight-Lipped on Victor Cruz Heel Injury

Hearts skipped a beat all around the New York area on Sunday night when the 46 million dollar man, Victor Cruz, was taken to the locker room after the team’s first possession to get his foot X-rayed. The X-rays were negative and Cruz reappeared on the sidelines shortly afterward in street clothes.

Cruz was diagnosed with just a bruised heel, and fantasy owners were finally able to breathe again.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t exactly a fountain of information today calling the injury a “jammed heel” and said that Cruz was “sore” today.

Bruised heels are notoriously tricky injuries and can be very slow to heal. Rest assured that the Giants will take their time with Cruz during the preseason and not put him in any situation where he might aggravate the injury. Unless the injury is very minor, Sunday night was most probably the last action he will see during the preseason.


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