Draft Zone: 7th Ranked Quarterback – 49ers Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick is the 7th ranked quarterback in this year’s 2013 fantasy draft standings. With an Average Draft Position (ADP) of 54, he’s likely to be taken sometime in the fifth or sixth round of most fantasy drafts.

Kaepernick was the starting QB for the final 7 games of the 49ers 2012 season. In that span, Kaepernick recorded 1,615 passing yards, 238 rushing yards and scored 12 total touchdowns. He averaged 18 points a week as a starter in standard scoring leagues, which ranked him 8th among starting quarterbacks in average points scored per week.

Kaepernick truly impressed the football world in the first round of the NFL playoffs, as he had a 181-yard rushing game against the Green Bay Packers. Though the playoffs are obviously after the fantasy season, that game would have scored him 46 points if it were during the regular season.

With his first full season, fantasy owners have high hopes for what Kaepernick can accomplish. With the ability to both run and throw, he has what it takes to be a fantasy stud.

Yet, Kaepernick may have some difficulty building off of his fantastic 2012 numbers. He has lost his favorite target, Michael Crabtree, potentially for the entirety of the 2013 regular season due to an Achilles tear.

Though Kap now has Anquan Boldin to work the middle of the field, he’s still missing a proven speed wide out. The team will attempt to make Vernon Davis, A.J. Jenkins, and/or others an important part of their passing attack this season, but none of these guys are guaranteed to get it done. Unless the team finds a way to bring in another receiver, Kap may have trouble getting it done as a passer.

Kaepernick is highly talented, but his lack of good receiving options may hold him back. There are safer, more proven quarterback options that you can find in the 5th round and later. You may be better off waiting and taking Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, or Tony Romo instead.


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