Reggie Bush Building Great Rapport with Quarterback Matt Stafford

The Detroit Lions offseason acquisition of Reggie Bush is beginning to pay off as he builds chemistry with quarterback Matt Stafford. Bush has been impressing the coaching staff and Stafford with his catching talent as well as his ability to trick up opposing defenses by catching passes out of the backfield.

During practice this past week, Bush was able to successfully complete a route the offense had been working on. Bush was so happy with the result of their hard work that he decided the drinks were on him and paid Stafford’s bar tab.

Stafford says that Bush is already wreaking havoc with defenders who are now being forced to shift their focus away from the record-setting Calvin Johnson to deal with the 28-year-old running back.

Last season, Bush rushed for just a shade under 1,000 yards, but expects his rushing yards to increase dramatically in Detroit. Bush might not break any rushing records this season, but he will be a huge part of the passing game that will force defenders to split time between him and Johnson.


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