Draft Zone: 7th Ranked Wide Receiver– Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald has a composite ranking as the 7th best fantasy wide receiver  in this year’s 2013 fantasy draft standings. With an Average Draft Position (ADP) of 26, he will likely be taken in the second or third round of most 12-team drafts.

Last year, Fitzgerald had what he likely considers to be the most disappointing season of his entire career when he accounted for only 798 yards and 4 touchdowns. There were three major factors behind Fitzgerald’s struggles last year.

There were no decent Cardinals receivers to take pressure off of him, his offensive line was the worst in the league and his quarterbacks were unable to get the ball to him. Now that Carson Palmer has come to town, Fitzgerald is hoping that things can turn around in Arizona.

The Cardinals have also made progress in improving the offensive line by acquiring right tackle Eric Winston via free agency and signing first round pick, Jonathan Cooper. The fact that Fitzgerald managed to put up an above-average year in 2012 showcases how impressive a player he is. Expect Fitzgerald to regain his form in Arizona as long as Carson Palmer can remain healthy.


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