Tom Brady Returns to Practice with Knee Brace

A day after tweaking his knee, the Patriots Tom Brady returned to the practice field sporting a brace on his surgically repaired knee.

The New England Patriots got the scare of all scares during Wednesday’s scrimmage when Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn bull-rushed his blocker into quarterback Tom Brady’s knee. Brady went down clutching his left knee, the same knee he had surgically repaired for a torn ACL in 2008. Naturally, this sent New England’s sports media into a tailspin. On top of losing Wes Welker, the Hernandez fiasco and Gronkowski’s surgery issues, the Patriots are already stretched dangerously thin.

Luckily, it seems as though New England dodged a bullet. MRI results showed no structural damage to the ligaments and the team is calling it a sprain. He participated in practice Thursday, with no limitations. Although it was a no-contact practice, he was the same old Brady in 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s with his usual outstanding accuracy.

The brace worried fans and even teammates when he came out in it, as he typically only wears knee braces during games during the regular season. After seeing his mobility and no sense of nagging however, the theories died down and a consensus was reached that the brace was merely a precaution.

Brady and Coach Bill Belichick declined to talk to the press after Thursday’s practice, which likely means Brady will start in his 2nd preseason game against the Buccaneers on Friday. Is it smart to play him on a questionable knee? Probably not. But Brady is too fierce a competitor to miss an opportunity to improve upon himself and his young receivers. Expect to see Brady Friday night with his quintessential fast-paced offense, even if only for one series.


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