Ravens Raid the Old Folks Home

After breaking the bank to sign quarterback Joe Flacco – the Ravens are understandably a little short on cash. Maybe that’s why the team’s recent signing spree hasn’t included one player under the age of 30.

Don’t believe it? Since Dennis Pitta went down with an injury on July 27th, the Ravens have added 3 pass catchers who’s average age is just under 35-years-old.

These early bird specialists include tight ends Visanthe Shiancoe (33), Dallas Clark (34), and wide receiver Brandon Stokley (37) who actually played for the Ravens 2001 Super Bowl team. The Ravens even re-signed 31-year-old fullback Vonta Leach who will turn 32-years-old during the regular season.

Baltimore is filling holes in the offense with players that are well past their prime, with the obvious exception of Vonta Leach.

The Ravens might very well miss the playoffs this year, but the team’s AARP membership rating should ensure that they get good discount rates with every hotel stay.


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