Colts Coby Fleener Sustains Another Concussion

The Indianapolis Colts up and coming tight end Coby Fleener was diagnosed with a concussion Tuesday, and will be held out of practice as a part of the NFL’s concussion protocol.

Couple this setback with Dwayne Allen’s foot injury and the Colts are left without both starting tight ends for this Sunday’s preseason game with the Giants. Coach Chuck Pagano did not specify when Fleener may have suffered the concussion, but it might have happened last week against the Bills.

Fleener now has a history of head injuries dating back to 2011 at Stanford. Last year during his rookie campaign, Fleener sustained another concussion heading into a bye week. In today’s NFL and with what science has determined about head injuries, the league will definitely keep a close eye on Fleener’s health.

Despite this week’s injury, Fleener has been excelling in training camp and has very high expectations this season with quarterback Andrew Luck. His combination of size, speed, and athleticism poses a difficult matchup for opponents. Coach Pagano even predicted that Fleener would double his reception total of 26 in 2012. Assuming he can keep his head up and healthy, Fleener might become a major component in the Colts passing attack this season.


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