Redskins Keep Robert Griffin III on Lockdown

Robert Griffin III has gotten very antsy waiting for the Redskins coaching staff to get him more involved in the action during this year’s preseason. Griffin has made it clear that he is ready to take on a bigger course load, but Shanahan has other plans in mind. With a month left of preseason, the coach made it clear that he will play Griffin III when he is good and ready.

Obviously Shanahan wants Griffin to work his way into the offense. By sitting him out during the preseason, Griffin is kept off his knee and shielded from real defensive hits. However, restricting him to 7-on-7’s doesn’t to be cutting it either. Griffin has said that his knee is fully healed and he is ready to move on into more serious workouts.

His mechanics suggest otherwise. While it’s true that he has been consistent in his accuracy and velocity, his footwork has been sloppy. This is largely due to his knee. He’s been seen favoring his injured knee, which is understandable. Griffin still seems skittish about planting his knee in certain conditions, especially when the field is wet. Because he favors his knee, his passes have been affected. He’s missing more throws than he should without defense to pester him.

Whether or not he is ready to play in preseason, he should be focusing on getting back in touch with his receivers. He still has plenty of time in practice. Since there’s no rush for getting him back on the field, he should be able to work out all of his mechanical issues and well as build those essential relationships.

The offense is almost identical to last season so there isn’t much else for Griffin to work on other than recovery. In the very rare event that Griffin is not ready, or in the more likely scenario that he re-injures his knee, backup quarterback Kirk Cousin will be stepping in.

Cousins looked very strong in his first preseason game against the Titans and is getting the exposure he needs to make him comfortable filling in when he’s needed on the big stage.

For now, we wait for RG3 to return. Let him lose, and there’s 100% chance that he will tear up the field, but there’s also a chance he might tear up his knee as well.