Vick, Foles Battling for the Top Spot in Philly

The Eagles are providing a very entertaining trailer for the upcoming season with the battle of the quarterbacks. Both Michael Vick and Nick Foles are providing phenomenal performances this offseason, making it the starter decision that much more difficult for head coach Chip Kelly.

With both quarterbacks pouring their hearts out on the field, who will win the heart of Chip Kelly, and more importantly, Philadelphia? Foles had a jump start this year, outperforming Vick on the field during OTAs. He is consistent when it comes to completing passes and picking up first downs.

Foles started a commotion during OTAs, but Vick was quick to calm the craze. Vick stole the spotlight during training camp. He’s been scoring in the red zone and making it clear that he’s ready to resume control over the team.

Vick definitely fits into the offense better than Foles does. This new offense requires a quick quarterback who likes to run often, and Vick certainly fits this mold better. This is not to say that Foles can’t fit this mold with a little practice. Vick just has more experience and more talent.

With these two, it will definitely comes down to the wire. There may not be a decision until preseason games finish. As of right now, they are co-starting against the Patriots this Friday, which leaves Matt Barkley as the backup quarterback. The preseason will be crucial for Kelly in deciding who will take over the team this year. Let the games begin.