Draft Zone: 13th Ranked Quarterback– Giants Eli Manning

Eli Manning has a composite ranking as the 13th best fantasy quarterback in this year’s fantasy drafts. With an Average Draft Postion of 90, he will likely be taken in the 7th or 8th round of most 12-team drafts.

If Eli Manning is one thing, he is  consistent. He has never missed a game since becoming a full time starter, and he has never thrown for less than 20 TDs or 3,200 yards during a season. He’s also thrown for more than 3,900 yards in each of the past four years.

Manning’s biggest downside is that, in spite of his consistency over a full season, he is a very streaky player. Fantasy owners remember all t0o well when Manning failed to throw a single touchdown during Weeks 8-10 last season. He only threw zero touchdowns in one other game during the season, but his lack of production killed many fantasy teams who were trying to secure a playoff spot.

Fortunately for Manning owners, his hot streaks tend to be much longer than his cold streaks. For example, during Weeks 1-7 last season, he threw 12 touchdown passes. During Weeks 2-8 of the 2011 season, Manning threw 16 touchdowns.

The bottom line is that Manning is a solid fantasy starter, as long as you are willing to ride a bit of a roller coaster from week to week.


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