Tight End Ed Dickson Adds to Ravens Injury Woes

The injury issues at the tight end position are mounting up for the Baltimore Ravens after MRI results showed a partial tear in Ed Dickson’s hamstring. Though it’s considered a small tear and he is expected back by the start of the regular season, the Ravens are walking a fine line right now.

Joe Flacco is short on healthy options in the passing game after losing Anquan Boldin to the Niners and Dennis Pitta to injury. With such vital pieces to their offense gone, Dickson was expected to step up big in 2013. Drafted above Pitta in 2010, Dickson had his best year in 2011 with 54 receptions for 528 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Dickson’s potential for success will be determined by a few factors. First, his health. A hamstring tear should not be taken lightly. Problems can recur throughout the season if the injury isn’t given time to properly heal.

In an offense focused around Ray Rice, Dickson’s health and blocking ability is a critical cog in the success of the organization.

The other question that worries fans and fantasy owners is whether or not Flacco can survive without a capable tight end? Pitta was a huge part of Flacco’s miraculous Superbowl victory, and if Dickson can’t perform up to speed, the Ravens will certainly suffer.


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