Ronnie Hillman Still Holds the Top Spot in Denver

After the loss of Willis McGahee, Ronnie Hillman has been in fierce competition for the starting running back job in Denver. Having to battle both Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball in the off season, Hillman has been in the top spot pretty much since the start of OTAs.

Although, Ball has been pushing Hillman, he still hasn’t over taken him on the depth chart. According to the Denver Post, Hillman has been able to keep the starting job, but there is plenty of time for Ball to over take him.

Ronnie Hillman looks to split touches with Montee Ball; however, he should receive the bulk of the carries in the early part of the season. The two backs have a different style of running as Hillman is more of an outside edge back and Ball is a between the numbers and goal line back. Yet according to some sources, Ball may be the main back by the end of the season.

Even with Hillman holding the number one running back spot on the depth chart, Ball has a much higher Average Draft Position. Hillman has an ADP of 206.3 which leaves him somewhere in the 17th round. Ball on the other hand, has an ADP of 44.

Ball’s ADP has him going a full 14 rounds before anyone looks Hillman’s way. Running backs will come at a premium this year and it looks like most fantasy owners are not sleeping on Montee Ball. If you do draft Ball first, be sure to grab Hillman as a handcuff for the first half of the season.


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