Injury Prone Chris Ivory Already on the Sidelines

Ivory making the Jets sweat long before the season starts

Ivory already struggling with hamstring issues

The Jets knew they were rolling the dice in late April when they acquired the ever-fragile Chris Ivory from the New Orleans Saints. And if this preseason is any indication of things to come, the Jets have rolled another pair of snake eyes.

Ivory was removed from his first attempt at a first full day of practice on Wednesday because of tightness and discomfort in his troubled hamstring. Before that, the team had him working out in individual drills rather than taking any chances with a full practice.

It’s not a great surprise that even before the season begins, the Jets are already talking about limiting Ivory during the regular season to just 15 carries per game. But even 15 carries a game seems like high hopes for a player who has spent most of his college and NFL career trying to overcome the injury bug.

During his first three seasons in the league, Ivory missed half of his games due to hamstring, foot and knee issues. This is a bad omen for the Jets who have publicly and privately stated that they believe that the brittle Ivory could be a top ten running back this year.

There’s a great deal of excitement around the league to see what Ivory is actually capable of as a starter, but let’s see him work his way through a full day of practice first.


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